African Activities works with professional African Artists across London and the south east

African Activities provides primary school workshops and secondary school workshops delivered by African practitioners with an African theme.

Drumming workshops

With African Drumming workshops we will bring a drum for every student with a maximum class size of 40 (up to 56 depending on practitioner available). Drum workshops may come with stories, movement and song depending on the needs of your students. They will be authentic, energising, engaging and educational.

Dance workshops

African dance movement uses professional dancers. The lion dance from Senegal is a highly energetic and balletic tradition suitable for older children.

Dance from Ghana includes Adowa in which the movements tell a story which works very well with younger children.

Dance can be very active. Great for fitness is schools where exercise space is limited or where students are not engaging with PE.

Textile printing workshops

Adinkra printing explores the symbols of the Ashanti people and students will stamp and print a cloth with the symbols that are representative of themselves. These cloths can be joined to create a patchwork of unity to be installed in the school.

A great way to explore stereotypes of ourselves and others. Was Africa a continent without the written word?

Junk modeling workshops

Recycling workshops will turn milk bottles into birds, masks, elephants and more! Each child/student will need to bring in a clean empty plastic milk bottle and old newspapers or magazines, with the school providing glue and paint.

Older children can explore the case study of Agblobleshie in Accra, the world's largest waste recycling dump.


An exercise in confidence building and growth. Stories can be selected to fit your theme and will engage the students.

Other themes

We can be flexible to meet your requirements and have explored many learning objectives including fair trade, religion, slavery and global warming. You can mix and match types of workshops for no extra cost

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