The Almeida exists to launch the next generation of British artists onto the world stage.

Our schools programme is designed to ignite and feed a curiosity about theatre and performance.

Partner Schools Programme

In September 2017 the Almeida launched a new model of school partnerships providing schools with the option of two pathways for engaging with the work of the theatre.

Critical Responses to Theatre will focus on supporting students to develop themselves as active and interrogative theatregoers and cultural critics.

Creative Responses to Theatre will engage students directly in the theatre-making process, providing them with opportunities to devise their own work and perform on the Almeida stage.

Workshops for Schools

The Almeida is committed to providing a range of opportunities for schools to engage with our productions and gain insights into the theatre-making process.

Our practical workshops give students the opportunity to actively explore a variety of performance and theatre-making styles and develop their ability to analyse and evaluate live performance.

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