Kazzum wants every young person to reach their creative potential.

Kazzum is an arts organisation with a 25-year history of working with young people at risk of social exclusion. We use multi-arts to support creative expression, professional and personal development and to raise awareness. We make playful work in unusual places and are the only professional theatre company in the UK making work for children and young people exclusively in nontraditional spaces.

Young people are at the heart of our work as artists, producers, participants, audience and leaders. We place value on young people’s creative ideas, access & needs. Our vision is that every young person has the opportunity to reach their creative potential. So, we work hard to remove barriers (physical, social, financial) that prevent young people’s creative engagement. Our work is inclusive and diverse, and can happen anywhere, so we can take it to people with fewer opportunities to encounter the arts.

We focus primarily on the least engaged, including young people who are disabled, in hospital, attending Pupil Referral units, refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants; working hard to grasp those who are hard to reach and easy to forget. Our process has developed over years of work, we are not a parachute company, freefalling into various young groups, but seek out sustainable relationships from which our skilled practitioners cultivate quality and resonant experiences for the young people involved.

Our offer is always fresh, playful and unexpected, bringing young people to new ways of understanding and exploring the world around them. We want our work to be as dynamic as the world in which young people live - making sure our work is alive with young people’s voices, stories and ideas that really matter to them now. Our practice means our work always reflects the diversity of our communities. We remove the barriers that prevent audiences and participants engaging by taking our work to them.

We deliver creative workshops in primary and secondary schools and can tailor them to suit your students' needs. Please contact us to find out about how we can create a bespoke programme for you.

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