Standpoint sees art and education as inextricably linked, and are committed to providing high quality, flexible educational programmes to meet the demands of a culturally diverse community.

Our workshops involve painting, drawing, letterpress printmaking, etching, conservation and ceramics.

‘In Your Hands’ is an initiative by Standpoint to pass on traditional craft skills to young people from the local community. Young people engage with the process of making by experimenting with the nature of materials in the setting of professional artists’ studios. This could include a field trip to a local nature reserve with the opportunity to look for evidence of the materials young people are working with in their natural environment. The teaching of each craft is delivered by experienced artist educators, who demonstrate techniques and skills and help young people develop their own ideas.

Letterpress printmaking workshop
New North Press letterpress print & design studio holds a library of over 700 movable wood and metal fonts. Young people create their posters using the craft of letterpress printmaking. They will experience the entire process from composition (hand-setting) to printing (inking and pulling the press). Just like it has been done before Computer Age. Be surprised how much of the trade is still up-to-date! NNP owes the first 3D printed letterpress font, a protoype, connecting the newest and the oldest forms of print technology.

Are you looking for new artworks to go on the walls or planning an exhibition? Join one of our workshops to create a beautiful print of your poems or stories in a more meaningful and lasting way.
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