Britain's primary Black-led Theatre Company

Talawa delivers creative workshops for children and young people from EYFS to KS5, as well as INSET sessions for teachers.

Instead of off-the-shelf workshops, we offer learning themes that can be tailored to different year groups and abilities, including SEN/D and EBD. All strands of work can be delivered as short sessions, whole day workshops or longer term projects.

  • Black British Workshops: Spanning the breadth of Black British History from Black Romans, Tudors and the Slave Trade through to post-war Caribbean migration and the British Civil Rights movements of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

“The session really did open their eyes to a part of our history that is often silenced. It is quite possible that this group of students would never have known it was Black History Month or why that should be important to them not only as Drama students but crucially as part of humanity!”
Head of Drama, Newent Community School

"Talawa Theatre Company provided a really safe, stimulating and creative environment for young people to learn about and discuss some very complex and challenging case histories about enslavement, post-enslavement and the ongoing struggles of people of colour"
Education Consultant

  • Our Bespoke Workshop Programme
    Do you have a specific learning objective or issue you would like us to address?
    We work closely with teachers to design projects and residences that meet the needs of their students. Previous work has explored: Gender, Drama & Literacy, Society & Citizenship, KS3 Maths, English & Science and much more.

“Now I’ve realised that I’ve got to take more of a risk with my ideas. Risks have been taken in our classroom and it’s been enjoyable. The kids have loved it. I’ve enjoyed it. The other adults in the room have enjoyed lessons more and they’ve learnt more.”
Maths Teacher, Lambeth Academy

“I wish that drama club can not stop.”
Year 6 pupil, Linton Mead Primary School

  • Our Artistic Programme
    To help teachers and students get the most out of their visit to the theatre, we offer pre-/post- show workshops, free resources and opportunities to hear from the cast and creative team. Previous themes have included: Shakespeare, Anansi, Theatre Design, Casting & Reinterpretation

“I learnt how to use facial expressions, how to use sound … how to use your body in acting”
Year 5 pupil, St Edmunds Primary School

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