Information for organisations on how to register, edit and update a profile page on the ANDtogether.


How to register a profile

Organisations can register for a profile page in the Index, to profile their work to London schools. Email to get set up...

How to register your profile

Each organisation will be supplied with a unique admin link to edit and update their profile, with changes submitted to AND for moderation before updates go live.

If you are the admin contact for your organisation, AND will send you email updates on ANDtogether, with reminders of your unique admin link.

Already have a profile, but not sure who the admin contact is within your organisation?

If you are unsure who the person is within your organisation who is the admin contact for ANDtogether, you can contact us at - if you wish to take over admin responsibilities for your page, you can do this directly from the admin link that we send to you, and the previous admin owner will be notified - just so that everyone's in the loop!

You can swap ownership of your organisation's profile page as many times as you like, no changes will be made to the site without approval from AND.

Share what's going on via the #ANDtogetherLDN hashtag

Tweet your latest project or programme, case study, workshop, performance or ticket offer tagged with the #ANDtogetherLDN hashtag, and it will appear automatically on the ANDtogether homepage.

For an example of a local brokerage website, check out Creative Islington Education Portal.