FREE storytelling workshops for KS2 classes to coincide with our exhibition Rhythm & Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain (27 January - 22 April 2018)

The workshops will be led by experienced education provider’s theWholeStory, who have led workshops at Historic Royal Palaces, the National Maritime Museum, the Horniman Museum, the Geffrye Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. In 2018 theWholeStory will invite Year 5 and 6 children to hear, be inspired by and create Jazz in our basement, as it is transformed over the period of the exhibition into a Jazz club.

The workshop will put the children at the centre of the Jazz Age. With storytelling, listening, observing, drawing, writing and hopefully a bit of Jazz recording; it is an immersive experience.

During the day, the children will explore the widespread impact that Jazz had on various areas of British life in the years between the two world wars. They will listen to Jazz music, look at paintings, photographs and pottery (and much more!) before taking inspiration, to create their own Jazz designs and write their own story.

At the end of the workshop, each class will be given the opportunity to play in their own Jazz band, a ten second backing track will be filmed and sent back to school, where it can be used in future music and lyric writing sessions.

Please email our Education Coordinator, Emily Hewes at to book a workshop.